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MY BEST GAME EVER!! in Fortnite

SSundee takes a look at the new HALLOWEEN UPDATE!!
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Awesome Video Editor(Russel)!!

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Music by Ninety9Lives
Tobu - Such Fun
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Luke Austermann : Who remembers when you were in the loading lobby for like 5 minutes
Naruto : the old clip :(
Mac Tonight : He is actually playing the worst game because fortnite is dog shit
FaZe Apex 123 : Who notice sunde didn’t have the renagaide raider when it was Halloween he should’ve had it but he has it now
Yoboiwesley : Sub to me and I’ll sub to you

Who remembers when tac shotguns where called semi auto shotguns
Charlie Seeber : i didnt know you had og skull
the less you know : sundee was insane 2020 is rough
Saliman Amir : Wait how come he has the renegade raider if his first skins were skully and ghoul
Chazking Hidalgo : Who is watching in 2020 to see the old days
Chazking Hidalgo : Who is watching in 2020 to see the old days

I Made a MUGCAKE!! //W Ssunny Thingss..

청담주부 ssunny vlog | 집에서 여유로운 아침일상 분식먹고 소소한 택배언박싱 파르나스몰 피자 먹고 무인양품 쇼핑하는 평범한 일상 브이로그

집에서 먹고 치우고 하는 일상
사이사이에 나가서 또 먹고 구경하고 돌아다닙니다 ㅎㅎ

Minjung Seo : 꽃병이 예쁘군요:) 잘 봤어요 다음 영상도 기대할게요>_<




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